"I had problems with my shoulder for 3 years and had no relief after surgery. I decided to try acupuncture as the specialist said there was nothing more they could do. I'm so glad I did as it has changed my life. After 1 session I felt relief from a lot of the pain. After 8 sessions the pain was gone! I'm so grateful to sleep properly again and to be able to play with my grandchildren. I recommend this treatment to anyone who has pain whether mild or severe."
"I suffer from a number or stress related symptoms. Since receiving treatment I have felt a huge improvement in my health. My blood pressure was 168/86, it's now 130/76!"
"I was diagnosed with C3 and C4 vertebrae crushes. I was advised to live on painkillers for the rest of my life but couldn't as I also had diverticulitis and gall stones. I had lost 20lbs in 6 weeks! After seeing Dr Zhao for under a month I was PAIN-FREE in my back and the gall stones and diverticulitis were gone. I have since recommended her to over 30 people who all swear by her treatments."
(Delyth Thomas)

"I twisted my ankle and the condition worsened over 8 months. It was a mess. an X-ray showed nothing so I was put on painkillers. I tried Dr Zhao as a last hope and after 6 sessions the pain is almost gone and I'm walking normally again. The treatment really works."
"After falling on my head and neck I was bed bound suffering from over 100 physical and neurological symptoms including loss of speech and balance. I was told to accept the condition for life. My mum arranged for the Dr to visit me at home for treatment. After a few months I was speaking and walking again. More symptoms are disappearing each week. I have my life back..."
"I have been attending the centre for a few months as I was suffering from heavy migraines. Since the treatment my migraines have gone and my stress has left too. I would highly recommend the services to anyone suffering from migraines. It is money well spent."
(Gaynor Williams)
"I had been admitted to hospital with Legionnaires disease. After high doses of antibiotics, my body was struggling and wasn't working properly. After treatment from the centre, you have given me my life back. I can do everyday things again."
(Rob Haddock)
"Dr Zhao has treated 4 generations of my family. She visits my mother at her home monthly for acupuncture. She has healed her stomach problems and allows her to stay active by helping her athritic shoulders and knees. She helped me gain full health after different illnesses and neck pain. My daughter receives treatment for migraines and has seen a great improvement and my granddaughter was allergy tested. I cannot recommend the Dr enough!"
"I had been suffering with severe lower back pain for 30 years after an accident in work. I had spent thousands of pounds on different treatments such as chiropractic and physiotherapy but nothing worked. I tried the centre after hearing they had healed a friend after illness. I was given 8 sessions of acupuncture and cupping and could feel a difference after 3. By the end of the course my pain was gone, I could not believe it! I now attend the centre once every few months and cannot recommend Dr Zhao enough!"
(Jeff Thomas)
"My immune system was down and I was suffering with colds and infections weekly. I had 6 sessions of treatment. I now have much more energy and have not had any illnesses for months!"
"I was experiencing numbness on the left side of my face which was very frightening. After a consultation with Dr Zhao I booked 6 sessions. After 2 sessions I could feel a big difference with the condition improving by some 70%. It now feels 85% better after 4 sessions and I have 2 remaining. Thank you."