What Is Psoriasis?

A very persistent condition often enduring for a person's lifetime in one form or other although it does tend to move through three stages: acute, chronic and remission. The aim is always to keep the skin in the remission stage where there are few if any signs of lesions. Around 2% of the UK population are sufferers, which makes it quite common with an equal spread between the sexes. There is often a genetic component but usually an initial injury, throat infection, certain drugs and physical and emotional stress trigger it for the first time. It is common also through the genetic link to have a form of arthritic joint problem as well.

Perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine

In this case the primary cause would be seen as a condition of wind (evil Qi", or undesired energy flow) trapped in the skin, producing flaking, scaling and dryness. When wind persists in the long term it can turn to heat and create heat in the blood and further dryness. Using herbs that cool and nourish the blood then is often the primary treatment in Chinese medicine. Since psoriasis is often long standing then this further draws on the reserves of the body, as do most chronic health problems, so the need to physically strengthen and nourish other areas of the body often arises. This means that in some cases people need to be patient to observe the results. It is often said that certain foods would be best avoided also and these would fall mainly into spicy foods, fish (except fish oils, which may be beneficial short term) and other sea dwelling produce.

What should I look for?

As explained above psoriasis is a long term problem that can be managed and preferably kept in a clear or minimal state as much as possible. It is necessary to pay attention to how you live and take active steps to prevent any flare-ups. In the event that flare-ups occur the skill of our Chinese experts should be able to guide you in the processes of how satisfactory management can be achieved again.

Customer Feedback

"I've suffered from psoriasis for 16 years and have used various creams with some success but it has never been completely clear. I came to Dr & Herbs and was quite sceptical at first. The first 6 weeks were quite slow but after that I have seen a large improvement. Hopefully I will see a complete recovery. Thanks!” - Jane

"After suffering with psoriasis on and off for 30 years using many different treatments from my GP I was persuaded to try Chinese herbal treatment. After 2 months on herbal tea, tablets and cream I have been amazed by the effect it has had on my skin and would definitely recommend this treatment." - Sue