One of the greatest things about treating migraine with Chinese medicine is the lack of side effects. All too often people become trapped in a cycle of pain-painkillers-withdrawal symptoms-headache, etc. Although some modern medications are very quick acting, usually they only deal with the symptoms and not the cause, thus the frequency of headaches may continue. From the Chinese medicine perspective the most commonly involved areas are the Liver energy and its roots, and the circulation. This is reflected in the fact that most migraines are one sided, often near the temple areas where the Liver channel is known to pass.

TCM Treatment

Migraine is a complex condition and we always recommend a thorough examination by one of our Chinese medicine experts first. Most people are bothered most by the symptom of the headache but in Chinese medicine the roots of the condition go quite deep and it is these that need to be tackled for the best results. Often a combined approach of acupuncture and herbal medicine is used which can tackle both the symptoms and causes at the same time. There are also known foods that can trigger migraine and you will do well to avoid these. Among the most common are: Cheeses, especially the Blue' variety, red wine, chocolate, caffeine, nuts, highly smoked (pungent) or pickled (sour) foods.

Some migraines can also be linked to certain situations: strong emotion and stress being major ones. In women the menstrual cycle can play a part but also more generally: tiredness, improper eating patterns, overwork, etc. If there has been a history of head injury then this too can play a main role in promoting migraine. So depending on the particular mix of your migraine symptoms your condition will receive an individual program of treatment. This may include nourishing and subduing the Liver energy, combined with invigorating herbs and acupuncture to remove any stasis and stagnation of circulation that has built up in the head.

Customer Feedback

"I started treatment following a very stressful period in my life, severe sleep problems, migraine, and very bad pre-menstrual problems which aggravated the migraine. Following a recommend programme that has engaged the last few months, I now have no sleep problems, have not had a headache for 2 months; pre-menstrual problems are now under control......I cannot recommend this approach enough. Many thanks." P Richards

"I came in 6 weeks ago suffering with terrible migraines & poor sleep. After 6 sessions of acupuncture, herbal teas, & tablets I feel great & much more relaxed, sleeping well & haven't had an attack for 4 weeks......I can honestly say I am very pleased with the results & would consider using them again for other problems." T Bennett