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Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used to heal mental and physical conditions for over 3000 years
We use a range of physical therapies including acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology and cupping to heal your mind and body
We sell hundreds of herbal remedies that can improve your health and wellbeing

"Since my treatment I've recommended Dr Duo to many friends/family. Many of them now use her treatments."

Traditional Chinese Medicine Customer

Consultation with Dr Duo


Dr Duo was promoted to Chief Physician, the highest professional qualification for a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor. She carefully consults with patients to understand the root causes of their conditions to determine how Chinese Medicine can help.

Satisfied Patient

Satisfied Customer

Dr Duo has also worked at the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, the largest research organization on Traditional Chinese Medicine in the world. She brings much expertise and experience to London with a genuine concern for the welfare of her patients.

Herbal Store

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Our herb store contains hundreds of products that can improve mental and physical symptoms. We are specialists that offer the correct herbs for your condition(s). The store is open to all and not restricted to those registered with the centre.

Treatment Room

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Our treatment room has a warm and calming feel to give you a relaxing experience. The equipment in the room is of the highest standard and is always kept immaculately clean.


Our therapists have over 30 years experience in the industry and come highly recommended. They are specialists in herbal and physical remedies


We provide a warm and friendly service to our clients to ensure complete ease of mind whilst receiving treatment.


We offer a consultation and registration session with the therapist for only £50. Treatments can be had from £35 per session thereafter if required.

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We welcome any queries you may have. You can find us at the centre or fill in our contact form and we will reply as soon as we can.