What Is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?

This really is a sign of the modern times we live in: rushed and irregular meals, foods eaten on the basis of taste not nutrition, food eaten in front of the TV or whilst working, constant time pressure, daily stress and frustration..... is there any wonder our digestion problems! When digestion suffers the whole system takes a dive since it is this that creates our daily energy needs and ability to repair our tired out bodies. So it should be looked after! However digestion tends to complain little until it is too late and then IBS can be one of the results.

TCM Treatment

This condition is interpreted as digestive weakness, most commonly Spleen Qi (energy flow) deficiency which can result in tiredness, poor sleep, poor mental concentration and can ultimately affect all the digestive system. If the condition persists for a while then this can allow dampness to build up usually manifesting as diarrhoea or loose stools. Fortunately Chinese medicine is very well equipped to deal with this situation containing many effective herbs that can strengthen Spleen Qi and eliminate dampness. Since the herbs are in direct contact with the area they are helping then results can often be noticed very quickly. In the long term efforts to tackle stress and lifestyle will go a long way to helping retain stability. Chinese medicine is also very useful here using tonic herbs and acupuncture to restore and energise the Spleen Qi allowing normal function and energy levels to return.

Customer Feedback

"I have suffered from IBS for 11 years and have tried numerous treatments. This has been the first successful treatment. I wish I had taken herbs sooner I'm sure this treatment is the most beneficial of them all. Quicker to gain inner peace, try it, it's well worth it." - J Stuart

“For 6 years I have suffered from IBS combined with colitis and controlled with a maintenance dose of conventional medication. During a recent flare-up of this chronic complaint, the prescribed dose of additional steroids appeared to have little effect on my symptoms. After two weeks taking the recommended Chinese herbal remedies, my spasms have virtually disappeared with the acidosis... Not only have my symptoms been addressed, but the well-being of my whole system, which has contributed to the positive, more energetic outlook I have today." - Eric

How Should I Proceed?

A good start is to talk to Dr Zhao who can advise you on the best course of action. Obtaining long term control over this condition could be a lot easier than you think.