What Is Eczema?

A frequent condition in the UK affecting up to a fifth of school children and about I in 12 adults. The unpleasant constant irritation can prove very frustrating, especially to younger children who don't understand, resulting in many sleepless nights. Some forms have a genetic link and often run in families, additionally being associated with asthma and hay fever also. This is the most common type, known as atopic. Other types can result from contact with chemicals, detergents, nickel etc. triggering the immune system and/or irritating the skin. In most cases the immune system is involved at some level and you may find it useful to have an allergy test at one of our shops as a key tool in knowing how to avoid any substances that may be affecting the skin. Beyond this Chinese medicine has a strong reputation in being able to effectively tackle this condition.

TCM Treatment

Internal treatment often involving a herbal tea which can be used for external washing as well, forms the backbone of the treatment. For young children who may find this unpalatable, washing the skin with the tea, patting dry and applying a purely herbal based cream is sufficient. In addition tablets used to remove heat from the skin and help subdue itching may be required. For adults, especially in severe cases, it is often necessary at least initially to prepare and drink the herbal tea on a regular basis. This tea is often the strongest and most effective way of removing the wind, heat and dampness that has often built up in the skin producing the itchy rash and adversely affecting the immune system. It is worth persisting since once the acute phase is over the condition can often be controlled using more convenient methods such as tablets and herbal creams, etc.

What is most people's experience?

The reputation of Chinese medicine in the treatment of eczema's well known. It is a routine treatment and Dr Zhao has successfully treated many patients suffering with eczema. Support is available throughout the whole of your treatment program and advice on how to maintain your skin in good condition thereafter can also be given to help prevent further recurrence.