What Is Back Pain?

We all use our backs in different ways and both frequent usage and minimal usage can cause problems. Our backs are designed to be the main structure and support of our bodies and often endure much abuse without complaining. However chronic over-strain or incorrect use can quickly lead to problems such as arthritis, sciatica and trapped nerves. Once this area is damaged in any way it usually always retains a tendency to be weak and people often find that future problems can be easily triggered once again. This leads to the often quoted statistic that back pain is the most frequent health reason for absence from work. So taking time to learn how to correctly use our backs is very important and following a sensible cycle of rest and activity to avoid over strain.

What can Traditional Chinese Medicine offer?

There are a range of options here, each treatment is often unique to that individual and so needs careful and detailed assessment by a Chinese Medical Practitioner. Pain often results when the channels running through the back area become blocked due to the stagnation of Qi (energy flow) and blood circulation. Acupuncture administered by a skilled TCM Practitioner can be very effective in helping to move and free the channel blockages, often giving the feeling of some relief during the same session. A course of treatment is often prescribed to ensure the Qi and blood flow remains active allowing a self-healing process to take place around the problem area. This is one area that can also benefit from some self-application. Ask your TCM Practitioner about massage oils and medicated plasters. In some cases especially long standing disorders or where arthritic processes have been active, a tailor made herbal tea can be useful to help encourage the body towards more normal function.

How do I know if TCM treatment is right for me?

Being such a frequently treated condition our clinic, Dr Zhao has lots of experience in treating this kind of disorder. Why not take a look at the different approaches used. Sometimes trying a single session before making a full commitment may be suitable for you. Dr Zhao will always endeavour to meet your needs and make you feel comfortable.